Restriction on upload of executable files under Windows Hosting

Restriction on upload of executable files under Windows Hosting

From a security perspective, uploading of executable files with the below extensions through FTP is not allowed on - Nguyen Ngoc Thanh Trading Limited Company Windows Hosting (Single Domain Hosting, Multi Domain Hosting and reseller Hosting) Servers:

  • COM (machine language)

  • .VBS (Visual Basic script)

  • .VBE (Visual Basic script-encoded)

  • .CMD (batch file - Windows)

  • .BAT (batch file - DOS/Windows)

  • .WS (Windows script)

  • .WSF (Windows script)

  • .SHS (OLE object package)

  • .PIF (shortcut to DOS file plus code)

  • .HTA (hypertext application)

  • .JAR (Java archive)

  • .LNK (shortcut to an executable)

  • .EXE (executable script)

  • .PIF (A program information file for MS-DOS programs. While .PIF files aren’t supposed to contain executable code, Windows will treat .PIFs the same as .EXE files if they contain executable code.)

  • .MSP (A Windows installer patch file. Used to patch applications deployed with .MSI files.)

  • .SCR (A Windows screen saver. Windows screen savers can contain executable code.)

  • .CPL (A Control Panel file. All of the utilities found in the Windows Control Panel are .CPL files.)

  • .MSC (A Microsoft Management Console file. Applications such as the group policy editor and disk management tool are .MSC files.)

  • .PS1, .PS1XML, .PS2, .PS2XML, .PSC1, .PSC2 (A Windows PowerShell script. Runs PowerShell commands in the order specified in the file.)